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Providing Therapeutic Benefit to People
Through the Use of Animals

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Tails of Joy members volunteer throughout Hartford, Tolland and Windham counties and neighboring towns in Connecticut.

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Still Barking Up The Right Treat

Barking Up the Right Treat Fundraiser

Halloween 2004

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Mary and Aspen, Therapy Cat

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Windham Hospital

Barking Up The Right Treat

Patti Lawson
"Lessons From The Canine Classroom:
Dogs and What They Teach Us"

Friday, April 21, 2006

Flash Slide show from
Barking Up The Right Treat
April 28, 2005

Read Patti and Sadie's Diet Tips at The Dog Diet website

The Dog Diet,  Patti Lawson and Sadie

Patti Lawson is author of The Dog Diet (April 2006 HCI, Inc.), a humorous memoir about how a shelter dog named Sadie made her a better person.

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